Gifted Down Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that you can use a gift from a family member to help you purchase a home? 


Over a quarter of first-time homebuyers used gifts from their parents and nearly 10% of move-up buyers took advantage of this strategy in 2021 to help boost their down payment and land their forever home, despite the bidding war frenzy.


According to a new survey, 26% of first-time homebuyers in 2021 used gifts from their parents to help boost their down payment and land their forever home, despite the bidding war frenzy.


Many of the gifts that people receive from their loved ones come from their equity in their homes, which they can access through a refinance or reverse mortgage – a strategy that helps families pass on wealth sooner than planned.


In this article, we’ll show you how to ask for a gifted down payment and the strategies other Pineapple clients have used to speed up their wealth building.


Who can you receive gifted money from? 

Lenders allow you to accept money from immediate family members (parents, siblings, step-siblings, children or grandparents) for your down payment. If it’s coming from an aunt or uncle, talk with us so we can come up with a solution that will work for you and your lender.


My family doesn’t live in Canada.  Can I still receive gifted funds from their foreign bank accounts?

Yes, it’s possible but we have additional requirements. First, have them wire the funds to your account here in Ontario and then get us bank statements from your bank showing the money was deposited in your account. We’ll also need a letter from you stating the funds are for a property purchase.


What sources can a gifted deposit come from?

Savings (checking/savings account)

Reverse mortgage funds

Equity pulled from a refinanced mortgage (other property)

Second mortgage on a property, cashed out 

Cashed out investments 


When should the funds be deposited into my account?

Typically, the recipient will need to provide bank statements for the last 90 days that show deposits from you, as well as any other sums of money during this time (lender specific).


Will I have to pay tax on the gifted funds at the end of the year?

Canadians don’t have to worry about gift taxes when they make a down payment on a house. They won’t have to pay taxes on the amount gifted, as it’s considered non-taxable income.


How to ask for a gifted down payment? What to do before you ask for help from a family member?

If you’re considering a gift of a home, have a Pineapple mortgage broker crunch the numbers first. This will help you better understand how much of a gift you’d need to purchase your family member’s new home.


When you meet with your loved one in person, you’ll be able to discuss the numbers and potential benefits face-to-face.

Let them know your mortgage broker will also be working closely with them to make sure that any options discussed won’t affect their long-term financial or retirement goals.


Let them know that if they can’t contribute a gift, it’s okay. Not everyone is in a position to help right now, and there will be other opportunities down the road for them to be part of your home-buying journey.


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