Don't Stress the Stress Test...Home Owners are Skipping It!

It’s no secret that interest rates have soared this year. With no end in sight for rising rates, we thought now would be a great time to talk about mortgage products on the market today that can help you qualify more easily and provide you with more options.



As a home owner, it’s good to be aware of the available mortgage options out there that will help you qualify more easily, boost your borrowing power and even save more each month. The “no stress test” option is one of the best products on the market today and is designed to help first time home buyer like yourself qualify for a larger mortgage.



No Stress Test Option



If you’re worried about the stress test, my team and I can help.  We work with lenders that qualify our clients on the contract rate and not the federally regulated stress test. These lenders also have larger debt servicing ratios which means more borrowing power.


Here’s a case study of a client who qualified for a home with an income of $150,000 and monthly debts of $1,000 (credit card payment and car payment), and who was hoping to purchase a property in the GTA.

  • For calculation purposes, this scenario uses annual taxes of approximately $5000 and typical heating costs)

  • Non-B20 Compliant lender – is a lender that is not required to follow the federal regulations that set out the stress test qualification.



As you can see, the difference between the two types of loan qualification is not very large and would allow for a significant increase in your GDS/TDS ratios, which would result in a higher mortgage amount.







No Stress Test Option

  • Qualify on contract rate vs. the greater of 5.25% or 2% plus contract rate.

  • Non-B20 compliant lenders often have higher GDS/TDS ratios allowing you to qualify for larger mortgage amounts

  • Multiple lender options offering different rates and terms

No Stress Test Option

  • Alternative lenders require a minimum 20% down payment

  • Slightly higher interest rate likely vs. a prime lender option

  • Some lenders may charge a fee, but there are options with no fee so speaking with a mortgage broker can help

To learn more about which lenders offer a no stress test approach to mortgage qualification, reach out to me today.



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Ahmad and his team are industry experts on mortgages. They offer excellent customer service and pride themselves on their ability to help you find the right mortgage product for your needs.

We can offer you some of the most competitive interest rates and mortgage products available because we have access to Canada’s leading lenders, including banks, mortgage firms, trust companies and private lenders. 

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